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Big Brother Rider Gets Them Off At Royal Ascot

by | 20th, June 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpg “I SAW more cleavage than at a lap dancing club,” says the Express’ man at Royal Ascot.

The reporter is not Prince Harry Baseball Cap but fashion expert and lap dancing connoisseur Hilary Alexander. Fashion commentators are not unlike football pundits, being able to talk a good game but lacking the ability to put their advice into action. Alexander’s style is O-Level art teacher collides with Kajagoogoo.

And then there are no cleavages on show, at least not in the Express, which fails to look down the Queen’s top or ogle Princess Anne and the game Camilla.

At least over in Sun, readers learn that Big Brother bully and Ascot runner and rider Danielle Lloyd has “great tips”. Two of them. And a few more in storage at home.

“THEY’RE OFF!” says the Sun’s front page. Dani points to the words with an orangey finger. “…AND THEY’RE OUT TOO!”

But they’re not. Dani might well be wearing bikini bottoms and no bra beneath her dress, but “they” are not out.

But they might be. The Sun says Dani scooped £2,576 on six races. And she might just see fit to invest her good fortune in yet larger saddle bags. And a novelty hat…

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