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Lotto Couple Play Their Cards Right

by | 20th, June 2007

I CAN see it now – a long line of people queuing to have their tarot cards read. As well as pocketing their £1.6million Lotto jackpot, nouveau millionaires Janette and Stephen Wright have fattened tarot card readers’ purses.

Mrs Wright, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, claims that a tarot card reader predicted her good fortune.

Mrs Wright, glass of bubbly in hand, says: “I had a tarot card reading about seven or eight years ago and the tarot reader told me one day I would win ‘a substantial amount of money which will be shared’.”

He husband Stephen, who has decided to jack in his job as a painter and decorator, adds: “I never really believed in stuff like that — but I’ll never giggle at it again”.

The couple plan to buy a Lexus car as well as houses for their grown-up children. While Mrs Wright continues to wait for that tall, dark and handsome stranger she was promised.

Although now she has more of chance of getting one…

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