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Big Brother Mates Jonathan And Carole At Seány’s Command

by | 20th, June 2007

seany-okane.jpg JONATHAN Durden is a millionaire. We know this because the Big Brother contestant told everyone he’s worth £6million.

To many this may look arrogant and sad, but to Charley it is “arrogant… in a good way”. Although she might have to take cheque – tucking six million pound coins into a G-string is no easy matter.

Not that she’ll have much competition from the other girls. As the Star says, “Babes want ‘perv’ Jon to get the boot.”

Nikki says she has caught Jonathan staring at her. Laura says he “made me feel quite uncomfortable”.

Jonathan says he’s never seen the show, so may be shocked to learn that he is shut up in a compound with lots of younger women.

Jonathan’s boast that he is to busy/too important/too out there to watch the ultimate reality TV show is a cause for alarm. Doesn’t he know of the damage this show can do to his career, life and ego? Although any middle-aged man who wears his collars up and a diamond earring might not be overly concerned with looking like a fool.

Jonathan is 2-1 to be the next evicted housemate, ahead of Carole at 11-2.

And, as the Star reports, Carole could save Jonathan my sacrificing herself. Housemates, readers learn, think the pair could hook up.

This is not a pleasant thought. If such a coupling takes place, expect to see David Attenborough looking on and whispering from his unenviable position behind an adjacent pot plant.

It might happen. Seány thinks it can. Can we forget the hideous Seány (8-11 favourite to go next) pushing Carole towards the just-arrived Jonathan and saying: “This is Carole! She’s single. She’s single.”

Seány’s keen to show everyone how cool, accepting and edgy he is. He wears yellow. He has dabbled in Islam, heterosexuality, homosexuality and Jacksonism. He now thinks encouraging the two older housemates to get it on will make him look a free spirit. It doesn’t. It makes him look annoying, pathetic and like Sue Pollard in Hi-De-Hi.

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