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Big Brother Charley Axed By Manchester United Player

by | 20th, June 2007


No, dear readers, Big Brother has not followed that first gay kiss with a first axe murder. Charley is alive and well, nattering away like a mating chaffinch. She’s 84-1 to win the show with Anorak’s free bet.

Charley has been killed off by her cousin, Manchester United footballer Kieran Richardson.

In “SLING YER HOOKER”, the Star says Kieran feels “completely humiliated” after reading the Star’s story on how Charley pretended to be a $500-a-time prostitute.

Anorak wrapped the news in a brown paper and delivered it to the greater world. We heard Charley’s “pal” Kerry say how the Big Brother harridan would tell punters in her lap dancing bar that they could have sex with her if they paid up first and met her outside the club in, say, five minutes to a month.

Some might call Charley streetwise. They might say the sad sacks who fail to spot the scam get all they deserve. And how anyone wanting to have coitus with Charley – and willing to pay hundreds of pounds for the life experience – should not be on the street at all and is a damning indictment the wider care in the community programme.

But still Kieran is unimpressed. A source at his club tells the paper: “He doesn’t like being the centre of attention and can’t understand why Charley is dragging him into her mad world.”

So here’s his friend telling the papers.

But we urge Kieran not to be too hard on Charley. For every football who goes to a lap dancing club, there must a lap dancer, even is she is your cousin.

As Tracey would say, “Deal with it.”

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