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Big Brother’s Derek Laud For London Mayor

by | 20th, June 2007

ANYTHING’S better than Ken:

I AM proud to announce the launch of a new website campaigning for Derek Laud, the star of Big Brother, to be the next Mayor of London. This site aims to give information about Derek Laud and the campaign to see him run for Mayor of London.

Derek first came to the nation’s attention in 2005 on Big Brother 6 in the United Kingdom. In brief he was described as a gay, black, Tory fox hunter. He would polarise the nation, some hating his slightly right wing and upper crust manner but many loving his grace and traditional charms. Although he did not win the show he stole the heart of many with his dry wit, fruity nature and general levels of excellence.

Although the battle for Mayor is over a year away, the campaign to get Derek to run as the Conservative Party candidate has already begun.

The site has been created to gather support for his campaign, and to provide detailed and up-to-date information for all those wishing to help Derek on his quest to lead the great city of London.

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