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In Praise Of The NHS: For The Nurses

by | 20th, June 2007

LET’S here it for the nurses:

The N.H.S. is frequently the subject of criticism, e.g., standards of cleanliness, quality of hospital food, long waiting lists, insufficient beds, not enough midwives, not making available expensive drugs to those who might benefit from receiving them, etc. Too often, these are all well-founded complaints. At the root of all these criticisms, I believe, is money – insufficient funds available, and siphoning off some of the limited funds that are available to personnel/areas that do not directly impact on patient care.

What cannot be criticised, however, is the dedication of the doctors and nurses who work in our hospitals!

I am writing this note on behalf of Mrs D.

Before she went into hospital she asked me to post a comment on Anorak that – whether her own case has a happy ending or not – she has nothing but praise… read on here 

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