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Big Brother Sex: Ziggy-Zig-Aah And Chanelle

by | 21st, June 2007

CAROLE has best put the sheets on a hot wash tonight. As the Star’s front-page headline says: “BIG BONKERS – Chanelle ‘n Ziggy have full sex in BB house.”

The Star says the action was edited out. But – phew! – the paper has the stills from the action. Or not.

What follows is a series of saucy postcards in grainy black and white. For a better view of undercover lovers, tabloid readers could visit the Sun, where Dear Deidre illustrates readers’ sexual agonies in a triptych of underwear shots.

Back in the Star, in postcard one Ziggy (9-1 to win) is equipped with a speech bubble that has him opining: “Get ‘em off, love.”

“I’ll lose my pants,” says Ziggy in scene 2. And in Scene 3, “Chanelle pipes up: “Is that your biggy, Ziggy?”

It’s the kind of script Benny Hill would have passed over as cheap and tacky. “Ziggy-zag-ah,” says the Star’s editorial, sighing with sweaty-handed relief…

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