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Glastonbury’s Henmanics And Tents

by | 22nd, June 2007

glastonbury.jpg WITH mum’s credit card tossed capriciously into a rucksack, and mum tossed into the driver’s seat of the family saloon, music lovers head to Glastonbury.

The Express produces a picture of a field of tents, all relatively sturdy structures, making the scene looks less like a giant music festival of than the queue for tickets at Wimbledon. Keen eyes pick out gazebos and picnic hampers among the nylon.

The Mail is at a Glastonbury – which a sign that any rebellious teenager or astral surfer worth their salt should not be. It spots the rain and a toddler splashed with mud.

Two clean-cut white girls sit in matching navy blue cagoules and green wellies. “RAIN? I DON’T MIND!!” says the sign on a wheelie bin being dragged along by a blonde man. A woman in a flowery pink raincoat pushes along a buggy alongside a man in a yellow anorak.

This is “Glug-stonbury” and the British are taking the test and passing it with customary fortitude and good humour.

So much for ravers and crusties getting off their faces on crack, black and whack. You’ll find more drugs on the Henmaniacs.

And here to put the tin lid on the Glastonbury Experience is Prince William. As the Star says, Wills is planning to fly himself and four pals to the show in a private helicopter.

“William will laugh his head off because the lads thought it would be hilarious to give him some pink and orange wellies. They’re a hoot, all flowery and bright, very feminine,” says a source.

Wills will land his chopper and then stay in a Winnebago. There is talk of Vienetta ice cream being delivered under cover of darkness.

Great stuff. Daring even. It’s rock ‘n’ roll, kids. If you want to know more about it, ask your mum and buy a guide book from the information kiosk…

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