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Madeleine McCann: Breaking News From Malta

by | 22nd, June 2007

FROM Paulo Reis in Portugal:

The girl seen in the island of Malta was not Madeleine, local police confirmed, according to IMEDINEWS, that quotes a UPI dispatch:

“Local police and Interpol searched the Caribbean island, its ports and airports after several people reported seeing a child resembling 4-year-old Madeline, the Times of London reported. But no evidence of the girl was found.”
Welsh tourist Ray Roberts was one of the people who spotted a girl he thought might be the missing child. The girl he saw was wearing a jet black wig and was accompanied by an Arabic-looking man in his 40s who spoke in broken English, he said.

It was obviously not his first language so it seemed odd that he had to speak to her in English,” he told the Times. Then I noticed the little girl’s hair. It was pitch black, very thick and cut in an unusual style for a child that age — very much like a wig rather than real hair.” Police said a photograph proved the child was not the missing girl.”

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