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Who Would Wannabe Mel B’s Lover?

by | 23rd, June 2007

mel-bs.jpg“EDDIE IS THE DADDY,” announces the front page of the Mirror. To remove any doubt, the Sun echoes the headline. “EDDIE IS THE DADDY,” it says.

On the face of it this answers the playground question “Who’s the daddy?” and point at what Prince Edward Windsor has been up to of late.

But the story’s real worth becomes apparent as we learn that Eddie is Hollywood actor Eddie Murphy and he is father to former Spice Girl Mel B’s baby daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown.

Anorak readers suspected as much. Back in April, when Mel was pushing her new child in hospital and to OK!, she was telling us that her time with Eddie was “amazing”, “beautiful”, and “perfect”.

Eddie and Mel got his ‘n’ hers tattoos – his name on her; her name on him. If they ever got lost, passers-by could read Eddie and Mel and know to whom they each belonged.

They shared the same sense of humour. Said Mel: “We used to do things like go for coffee in his Rolls-Royce.” Mel would run around his pool yelling, “Look, I’m a mermaid.” Eddie would say that if anybody could see Mel they could think she was mad.

And now the happy group have been swabbed and it turns out that Eddie is the father. A “friend” of the singer’s tells us: “Mel is immensely pleased that the whole saga is over and she is looking forward to moving on with her life with her new baby.”

And she can move in no little style as the Mirror mentions Murphy paying out £10million in child support.

But it’s all more than a little sordid and desperate. And makes us wonder what attracted Mel to multimillionaire Eddie in the first place…

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