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Big Brother’s Laura Gives Liam Wood

by | 24th, June 2007

THE housemates are trying to name a tree for every letter of the alphabet. Charley says crack willow. Billi says hornbeam. Tracey says walnut. Samanda says yew. And Liam…

“Guys,” says Laura. “May I just remind you that Liam never went to tree school. He only climbs up ’em.”

“No, I did,” says Liam. “I went to college and everything.”

“What stupid person would go to college to learn about trees?” Laura a student of dead people’s make-up asks (the Joan Rivers looks). “I didn’t think it existed. There’s no tree college where I live.”

If Laura based the world on where she lived it would a small patch of tarmac covered in curry sauce.

“That ‘stupid person going to college to learn about trees’ has probably secured his future career,” Carole chimes.

“That’s nothing to do with trees though,” says Laura. “He didn’t get in here because he works as a tree surgeon. It was to do with his personality.”

“What surgeons do you know that didn’t go to school?” Jonathan asks Laura. “I certainly wouldn’t want to have a nose job from one of them.”

“Surgeon!” Laura scoffed. “It’s not the same as that though, is it.”

“It is!” say a chorus of voices.

“A surgeon gets paid more than Liam gets paid in ten years in one day.” says Laura.

“My biggest wage so far has been £100,000 in one minute,” Liam added.

Laura has been outwitted by a man who spends his time with wood.

Liam to win? He’s 4-1 to take first prize and another £100,000. And you know he’s certain to make the finsal four at 2-9. And take snidy Laura to be the next out at 15-1.

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