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Suits You, Sir: Gordon Brown Mugs Up Being Prime Minister

by | 25th, June 2007

gordon-brown-prime-minister.jpgGORDON Brown will be Prime Minister. Or yes he will. (Pics: Poldraw; The Spine)

But he might not be one for long. As the Sun says in an “exclusive” on its front page: “ELECTION IN A YEAR.”

The Mail agrees, although not in an exclusive, and says on its front page: “BROWN GEARS UP FOR SPRING ELECTION.”

Chances are high that gulping Gordon won’t be our political leader for all that long.

But he has hope. The man who has waited ten years to get the top job does not give up easily. He waits. He plots. He gets his teeth fixed.

And we can learn all about what Brown has in store for us and his career in the Mirror which has an interview with the man.

Our Cuppa Tea

gordon-browns-mug.jpgInstantly the differences between Gordon and Tony Blair are apparent. Gordon is sat in a working men’s café. He is dressed in a suit. He looks like he’s come to inspect the place, go over the accounts or demand rent.

Before him sits a bacon sandwich (brown bread) and a cup of tea. And a mug of tea.

Tony went for the mug in public. But Gordon seems to be caught on the horns of dilemma. Does he go for the cup? Or the mug? He goes for both.

The result is less a man of the working people who gets the job done (mug) or a man of refined tastes and in touch with this feminine side (cup) but a man who is just plain greedy.

The Mirror says this is “an extremely rare glimpse of the man behind the suit”. So why is Brown in a suit? Might it be that the man behind the suit is the same as the man in front of it, what you see is that you get? Gordon is a suit and the suit is Gordon. Are there are naked ladies on the cuffs?

Father Of The Nation

“People are always trying to tell me to wear different colour ties,” says Gordon. “But I don’t really take it too seriously. In the end I think you are who you are. Although when my wife Sarah gives me advice, I’m very happy to take it.”

Gordon Brown doesn’t go in for spin. He’s not like Tony. Who cares what colour tie Gordon wears (today it’s light blue). He just loves his wife. He mingles with the workers effortlessly, blending in like a man in immaculate suit amid a gang so denim-clad navvies.

And he listens to his wife.

“My parents would probably say, ‘Keep your feet on the ground. Do the best you can. And treat people fairly.’ I’ll be thinking of them. All the time.”

Not all the time, surely? We need Gordon Brown to spare a thought to the economy, Iraq and Sarah. And his children. Mustn’t forget the children.

“I think I’m realising that with very young children you have to be pretty flexible. The boys always wake me. It’s 3am when one wakes up and 4am when the other wakes.”

Can’t Gordon work out a directive to ensure John and Fraser both wake at the same time, on pain of tax?

But he’s not listening to us. He’s thinking about his mum and dad. He’s paying attention to his wife. He’s waking up with the children.

No wonder he can’t get his head around what vessel to drink his tea out of…

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