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How To Protest Against A Nightclub At All Costs

by | 25th, June 2007

DESPITE dramatic predictions of societal breakdown and nationwide anarchy, the introduction of all-night opening-hours for pubs and clubs has not had a catastrophic effect on our nation.

But for people who do wish to object, particularly neighbours who live nearby the venues, things have been made even more difficult.

The Government is set to massively increase the cost of appealing against pubs and clubs with late opening-hours from £25 to £400, in a move viewed by critics as an attempt to stamp out opposition to round-the-clock drinking once and for all.

While Labour had initially promised to “tilt the rules” in favour of neighbours who do complain, pub chains and clubs are now threatening to claim huge legal costs from anyone who opposes them.

The Lib Dem culture spokesman, Don Foster, says: “This dramatic increase effectively leaves the least well-off in our society without access to justice and the right of appeal. Anybody looking to appeal against a nightclub in their street getting a late licence could be priced out of the system.”

Of course, they could just create their own club: charge £5 for water, turn the stereo up to ‘11’ and cover the toilet in vomit…

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