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Where Were You When Diana Was Dead Ten Years?

by | 25th, June 2007

princess-diana-coffin.JPGIN years to come, people will ask: “What did you do? Where were you on the day the county celebrated ten years since Princess Diana’s death?”

And anyone worth their salty tears will say they were at Althorp house, paying their respects to the Princess of Hearts.

The Express is proud to announce on its front page that this is the first chance fans have been given to pay respects at Diana’s graveside.

Diana is, of course, buried on an island amid a pool of water at Althorp.

But this is not the first time fans can visit the grave, rather it is the first time they can do so for free and on the day of her death. In the interests of taste, Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, who owns the Diana theme park, will not charge for worship. He will hand out free tickets.

Whaoh! Steady on. Don’t all rush. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Express is not giving out these tickets in a raffle, not the chance to find a golden ticket in an official Diana chocolate figurine and no tickets to anyone who can best complete the following line in one word of fewer: “Diana was killed by the Establishment because she was so very…”

These vouchers have already been dished out. Congratulations to all of you who have one in your possession, and well done for saving the tokens.

But never fear, the ticketless can still celebrate in your own way, with a gutting candle, an Elton John CD and Anorak’s limited edition DVD ‘I Wept For Diana – And I’m Still Weeping”…

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