Anorak News | Tony Blair Leaves ‘Loathed, Mocked And Despised’

Tony Blair Leaves ‘Loathed, Mocked And Despised’

by | 25th, June 2007

TONY Blair’s going:

After 10 years of economic growth, social ease, gently rising aspiration, cultural exuberance, financial security, dropping unemployment, manageable taxes and record spending on education and health, 10 years in which the biggest disturbances had been over fox hunting, Mr. Blair has managed to get himself roundly, fundamentally, panoramically hated at home.

Tony, as we call him with curled lips, is a personable man who has worked very, very hard on being liked. He is by his own admission a people person, a straight kind of guy, and he’d done his best. But it counts for naught. He’ll leave office well and truly loathed. Loathed and mocked. Loathed, mocked and despised.

He leaves less beneath a cloud than veiled in a puff of smoke…

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