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Big Brother Tracey Barnard’s Mid-Weekender

by | 25th, June 2007

THE housemates need to stay awake for 60 hours, or 10 weeks. In They Shoot Horses, Don’t They, the contestants get to dance. Tracey can dance if she wants to.

But she’s not brought her jester’s hat and whistle. So instead she moans.

“What a load of s***,” observes Tracey, as if eyeing a handful of grass seeds and litmus paper.

“You ain’t happy love,” wondered Brian, who speaks in 1950s Cockney couplets, think Bernard Breslaw in Carry on Camping.

“There’s such sketchy ******* people in the Living Area,” said Tracey. “It ***** me off. They’ve set us up right for nomination, eh? People just give up so ******* easily, that’s what annoys me – know what I mean?”

Tracey’s gone hardcore. No minicab for her. She’s been waiting for this her whole life. She can do it. And afer forty-odd hours with out sleep she may even get a light buzz on.

Now if someone can just tread went mud onto her bed, feed her meat alternatives shaped to look like meat and scream “Mental!” in her ear, she can pretend she’s at Glastonbury…

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