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Big Brother Nominations And Betting Odds

by | 26th, June 2007

IF Charley goes, what will Big Brother be left with?

It’s time to nominate and Charley’s name is repeating like last night’s king prawn madras.

She’s sure to be up for the public vote. And the public are sure to vote her out.

So far, Shabnam and Seány have been evicted. Both were favourites to go with Betfair punters. Both went.

And now Charley is 4-5 favourite to go next, ahead of Billi Zoolander on 9-4.

But think on. Rumours are that Billi has erred. That Billi has nominated. That Billi has been discussing nominations, breach of the rules. That Billi’s nominations are to be discounted. That Billi voted for Charley.

There is now the chance that Charley will not be up for the chop. And Billi will be.

Billi is not dislikeable. But he’s not all that likeable either. Wold he be missed if he were not in the house? No. The advice is to back Billi for the chop and take a smaller bet on Jonathan at 28-1. Get your free £1o bet here…

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