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Tooth Fairy Feeling The Pinch

by | 26th, June 2007

tooth-fairy.jpgFORGET about the first-time buyer struggling to get a foot on the property ladder, the household crippled by debt or indeed the local shopkeeper put out of a business by a local supermarket, the real victim of these harsh financial times is none other than the humble tooth fairy.

According to a new survey by the Children’s Mutual, which apparently has a lot of free time on its hands, children wake up to an average of £1.05 left by the tooth fairy for each tooth, a massive increase on the 27p average their parents pocketed for losing a tooth.

Overall, that works out at a massive £20million a year, a 500 per cent rise over the last 25 years compared to the 125 per cent rise of inflation. Indeed, tooth fairy inflation has almost kept up with house prices, which have jumped by over 600 per cent in the last 25 years.

David White, head honcho of the Children’s Mutual, says: “The generosity of the tooth fairy has accelerated rapidly and shows no signs of abating.”

But what of the tooth fairy? Reports suggest he (or is it a she?) has had to lay off 75 per cent of his staff and is facing a hostile takeover by Tesco.

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