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Fast Food Prisons: Lags Do Fish ‘N’ Chips

by | 26th, June 2007

SURELY this is not what our beloved Bobby was trained for – to collect takeaway dinners for prisoners, is it? Obviously it isn’t, but according to new figures, police stations are spending a lot of time and money on feeding inmates in their cells, as overcrowded prisons can no longer hold accommodate the nation’s lags.

One police station is apparently spending £700 a week on fish suppers, curries and Chinese takeaways for its prisoners while in the region covering Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Northants and Bedfordshire, the police cell bill has topped £2million.

Apparently it costs £13 per day to feed a prisoner in a police cell, compared to £2 for those in jail and now the Government is expected to come under fire over the spending.

Alan Page, 63, who works in a chippy near Halesworth police station, confides: “They come in and get fish and chips once a day, sometimes six or seven portions of cod and chips. These people should be living on bread and cheese and water like they did years ago – they are having a cushy life.”

Presumably he was referring to the prisoners and not the police. And shouldn’t he be happy with the extra business anyway?

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