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Secrets And Suspect Evidence For Madeleine McCann

by | 27th, June 2007

madeleine-mccann.jpg“PRAY for Madeleine,” instructs the Mirror’s masthead.

But there is no news of Madeleine McCann within the paper that wears a yellow ribbon on its sleeve in an overt display of caring. (How long will the ribbon feature? And will it last longer than the Mirror’s post-Iraq invasion WMD counter?)

But there is news in the Express. In “Find the Arab’s yacht” readers learn of a girl resembling Madeleine seen being taken aboard the boat of a “wealthy Arab family” in Malta.

We learn that the island’s “overstretched force” is “desperately” trying to trace the boat.

But tracing a boat is not a tricky thing, especially if the spotter can recall the vessel’s name. But they can’t get close enough. The Express says security guards are blocking their way.

Back in Portugal, an “official” tells us: “It is a distinct possibility that Madeleine has been held captive on a vessel like the one seen in Malta so we are very keen to track the boat very quickly.”

It is possible. Just as it is possible she is not on the boat and the people who thought they’d seen her got it wrong. Possible that the security guards were under orders to repel all borders.

Toscano Knows 

Or that Madeleine is not with an Arab family touring the Mediterranean but the victim of a French sex offender.

The Express make mention anew of Antonio Toscano, the “television investigator” who claims to know all. He is also a “private investigator”. He may also be a chancer after the massive reward and fame. (Read Madeleine McCann’s Wearside Jack And Toscano’s Suspect.)

Toscano says he is “100 per cent certain” the Frenchman took Madeleine.

“I’m not willing to make any of the names public yet,” says Toscano. The police need time to work on the information I’ve given them… Every other lead has fallen down. The police are now working on the first credible information they’ve had since Madeleine went missing.”

So the sightings in Malta are not credible, or incredible, even? So too the sightings in Morocco, the Dutch map and man and woman in Portugal? Which makes us wonder why the Sun, which had an “e-fit over Madeleine McCann” when the Portuguese police thought better of bringing it into the investigation, is not demanding Toscano reveals all he knows?

Why do the public not know the identity of this prime suspect? We know all about Robert Murat, the “creepy” bouncy castle fetishists, the case’s only suspect. Why not this?

Madeleine McCann is missing and there is speculation, opportunism and grief…

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