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Quentin Davies Surprises Gordon Brown And Amazes Nobody

by | 27th, June 2007

TORY MP Quentin Davies defets to Gordon Brown’s Labour Party. Davies can’t stomach Tory leader David David Cameron’s “vacuous” leadership.

Alice Miles writes:

All that sucking up from Gordon Brown … urgh. Just when you thought the next PM was planning how to take over and renew the Labour party, to raise new Labour to new heights, lead it to victory at a fourth general election – there he was sitting down and tickling the underbelly of Mr Davies, one of the most abjectly unimpressive of a pretty abjectly unimpressive bunch of Tory MPs.

Labour rejoices. “Gordon the Magician pulled a big, fluffy bunny of a Conservative out of the hat,” says the Mirror. But why would they need Davies? And what does Davies see in Brown – a kindred spirit?

Mr Davies’s switch could not have been better timed as political theatre to embarrass David Cameron, or as a boost to Labour before Gordon Brown’s appointment as Prime Minister later today. Mr Davies’s vituperative resignation letter, and his criticisms of Mr Cameron’s short-term style of decision-making, will reverberate around Westminster. It is unlikely to be the last such surprise from Mr Brown this week.

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