Anorak News | Steven Gerrard And Alex Curran Take It To ‘The Next Level’

Steven Gerrard And Alex Curran Take It To ‘The Next Level’

by | 27th, June 2007

alex-curran.jpgTHE movable feast of footballers’ weddings trundles on carriage wheels to Cliveden House, Berkshire.

Alex Curran is marrying her footballer, Steven Gerrard, and the expectation is that after John Terry’s nuptials last week, this do will be a another fixture in an already crowded season.

Gerrard is looking to take his relationship to “the next level”. Gerrard is looking for 110% per cent commitment and, to be fair, at the end of the day when all said and done, he’ll be disappointed if his wedding is not in the top four of footballer’s weddings.

OK! brings us the highlights package from the main events. And tantalisingly shows us what a ticket looks like. It’s white with chocolate writing. “Alex & Steven,” it says boldly, “Request the pleasure of your company On the occasion of their marriage.”

It is not known how many Liverpudlians printed out this ticket and took it along to the event proper in the hope that it would guarantee entry. Stories of Scousers surging past security and wrestling genuine tickets from other guests remain as speculation.

We would prefer to focus on the positives and not dwell on a hardcore minority hell bent on ruining the day for everyone.

Not that anything could spoil the show. Alex arrives holding three white roses. She is dressed in “creams and greens”. To her rear are 4,000 flowers.

There are “gasps” and “oohs” as Alex arrives. She is dressed in 20 metres of satin, 55 metres of tulle and a five metre-long veil. Tony Britten’s arrangement of Georg Frideric Handel’s Zadok the Priest from the Coronation Anthems breaks out. A dozen school boys and girl from local schools take hold of the hem and billow it in time to the music.

These are the champions! Die Meister, die Besten, les meilleurs equipes, the champions.

Vows are made. Rings are exchanged. Steven is handed a book to sign. “Best wishes, Steve,” he writes.

The band sings Joe Coker’s You Are So Beautiful. And with the official stuff out of the way it’s on with the party, chicken fillet goujons, chicken fillet satay and goujons of sole.

Alex’s first XI stands in line. She is the centre, the engine room. There are high heels and higher hair. Yet still Alex towers over one and all. Is she walking on air, or standing on a box?

And the crowd goes wild…

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