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Poles Send Back A Billion Pounds To Poland

by | 28th, June 2007

poland.jpgAH, at last the Daily Mail has those blasted Poles were it wants them – caught red-handed taking money out of the great British economy.

The newspaper has gotten its hands on figures released by the National Bank of Poland which reveal that £1.1billion was sent back from the UK to family members living in the former Eastern Bloc country, money which, says the Mail, “would otherwise have been spent in shops, restaurants and other businesses.”

Ah, those shifty immigrants, damaging our nation’s wealth, and using our tolets. Except, they’re not really, as the Mail continues, “the sum is too small to dent the health of the British economy.”

Still, let’s not miss out on a chance to bash an immigrant, metaphorically speaking of course. Tory MP James Clappison is quick to pounce on the figures, claiming: “This is yet another consequence of Eastern European migration which the Government failed to predict. It has to raise question marks over whether there will be an employment effect here. The Government has not done proper research on that.”

The Mail then tells us that Poles living in the UK have been blamed for a shortage of £50 notes in the country, as they have been sending the money back to their homeland. Could they be any more devious?

We’re sure the Mail will let us know if and when they are.

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