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Big Brother: After Dark On Playing Around Cam

by | 28th, June 2007

ziggy-chanelle-sex.jpgGOOD news indeed that Big Brother “bosses” are set to launch an X-rated pay-per-view service.

As the Star reports (“PAY PER PHEW”), this premium rate channel will enable anyone unable to get porn on cable or via their PC to see Ziggy and Chanelle fumble under the covers.

A senior Channel 4 executive tells us: “It’s a bloody good idea and one that is under active consideration.”

Active eh? “This would be a great addition to our Big Brother service and would have a wide appeal for viewers wanting to take their voyeuristic tendencies a step further.”

While voyeurs put down their binoculars, step into the garden and peep through partly open curtains at Big Brother: After Dark, we actively see how the idea could be further developed.

Why not create a channel for each housemate, a version of Sky Sports’ Player Cam, enabling viewers to watch only one housemate all the time?

Billi TV. Carole Cam. Live Charley hair racing. Each one more successful than the next. And this also means Emily can get the TV career she wanted on Niggers Uncut.

Stick it out, Big Brother. So we can all see…

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