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Breaking News On Madeleine McCann: Robert Murat Spotted

by | 28th, June 2007

BREAKING news on Madeleine McCann from Paulo Reis in Portugal:Breaking News: “Witness saw Murat at Madeleine’s room in the night of the kidnapping”

24horas_front_pagegif.pngAccording to Portuguese daily “24 Horas”, a witness informed Police he saw Murat inside Madeleine’s room, at the night of May 3, when she disappeared. The newspaper has just an international online edition, which isn’t updated yet (May 28, 01:17 am). The information was released by SIC Notícias, in a preview of Portuguese Press front page news for today, May 28, around 01:03am.

More from Paulo:

Antonio Toscano came to Portugal with a friend, Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro, who identified himself as chairman of “Asociación de Defesa de Niños Vítimas de Corruptión Sexual Infantil” (“Association for the Defence of Children Victim of Sexual Abuse”). Mr. Reinaldo Colás Navarro was sentenced to one year and 5 months in jail, in 2006, for false accusations against “several personalities of Benicarló”, a small seaside town 100 km North of Valencia, in the Mediterranean coast of Spain, according to ””, a Spanish newspaper. Another newspaper, ” El Periódico Mediterraneo”, has more information about what seems to be the same case.
Bernard Alapetite, a.k.a “El Francés”, was arrested in June 1997, by French Police, in an operation that put 323 people under investigation and 24 detained. Alapetite was a producer of legal homossexual porno movies, but had also a illegal business, buying foreign movies of young boys being raped, copying and selling those videos for 120 Us dollars each. In 2000, Bernard Alapetite, 47 years old at the time, was sentenced to three years in jail by a French Court from Macon, south western France.

This is the same man Toscano told journalists, yesterday, after the hearing at Polícia Judiciária, in Portimão, that “has Madeleine with him”. “El Francés”, as the Spanish journalist said, “will make no harm to Madeleine”, Gerry and Kate McCann “don’t need to worry”. But Bernard Alapetite, a.k.a. “El Francés” (according to Antonio Toscano and his friend Reinaldo Colás) after serving his three years in jail, went back to his legal bussiness and produced two movies, for the gay & lesbian circuit, in 2005 and 2006: ” Comme un frère” (“Like a brother”, that can be bought at “” for 9,65 pounds) and ” Vincent River”, also available at ””. He is one of the “bloggers” at “Les Toiles Roses” where he published a chronicle on May 2 (the day before Madeleine was abducted) a movie’s critic about “300” and “Ne touchez pas la hache”. On May 27, wrote a second chronicle about the Gilbert & George exibition, at “Tate Modern”, in London – and the text seems to suggest that he was there.

His movie “Comme un frère” (“Like a brother”) is on the list of movies for the “13th Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival”, scheduled for next month – July 12 to 24, 2007. He seems to be a regular presence at the gay & lesbian film festivals, as he was received the “ALTERNATIVE SPIRIT AWARD”, at “2005 Rhode Island International Film Festival”.

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