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Gordon Brown’s Bunker

by | 28th, June 2007

MARY Ann Sieghart on the Brown future:

Even now, the Brown operation is as secretive and controlling in private as it ever was. Tuesday’s Newsnight showed the film-maker Jamie Campbell’s vain attempt over five weeks to put just one polite question to the Prime-Minister-to-be.

David Cameron happily responded to Campbell’s repeated questions. Brown’s press and security team, by contrast, set the police on him, moved him on, failed to reply to his e-mails and would not even shake his hand. I had a similar experience (without the police) when I asked to spend a day or two following Brown around on his hustings tour.

So I don’t think the Brown halo will last for long. He may look amiable enough now, but I suspect that, as soon as events turn against him, he will start shouting at his colleagues again, withholding information from them and retreating into his bunker with the few people whom he trusts.

Try your utmost to like him…

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