Anorak News | Come On, Brown And Cameron, Clap Tony Blair To 10 More Years!

Come On, Brown And Cameron, Clap Tony Blair To 10 More Years!

by | 29th, June 2007

blair-goes-on.jpgHAVE the MPs stopped clapping Tony Blair yet?

Anorak has had its fingers in its ears, eyes closed and been repeating catechisms (“It will all be over; It has all been a dream”; “He’s going to kill us all”) and does not dare to look. The Tories are clapping Tony. Will it ever end? The madness.

We still have our “Clap Tony to 10 more years!” flyers handed out at a Labour Party conference past. Will it be a decade before we can bear to look?

It’s OK, you say? OK. We’ll look. And we see Gordon Brown’s new cabinet. “GORDON’S GOT TALENT,” says the Mirror. This is “Prime Ministers Brown Day 1” and gulping Gordon’s been shuffling his cards.

He’s come up with a pack of 20: four are women; 16 are white men, albeit three of them of ethnic persuasion: the Miliband brothers, Ed (minister for Cabinet Office) and David (Foreign Secretary) and orange-skinned Peter Hain (Works And Pensions & Welsh Secretary).

But it’s all more of the same, isn’t it? It’s all a gag. Not a joke – although it could be – more a reflux in the throat.

And it’s left to that hotbed of political debate, the Star, to pick up the mood of if not nation than at least those who think politics is more than just finding the man and woman to fit the readymade suits.

It’s the “BLAIR RETCH PROJECT”, says the Star. “Relieved Brits celebrated on Blair’s exit yesterday by reaching for their Daily Star sick bags.”

Before blowing it up and giving it a wallop. To thunderous applause…

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