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Taxi For Tony Blair!

by | 29th, June 2007

DIZZY looks at Westminster comings and goings:

When it comes to answering questions in Parliament you can tell when something mildly shocking is about to be said because the relevant minister will always outline a justification first before dropping the bad bit in. A prime example was yesterday when Mark Francois asked the Treasury how much it spent on taxis last year. John Healey responded saying,

“Use of a taxi at the Treasury’s expense is not an entitlement and official journeys should wherever possible be made on public transport. However, when there is no reasonable and cost-effective alternative, for example when travelling home after working late into the night, the Treasury may justify the use of a taxi.”

See what I mean? Long rambling justification of expenditure on taxis and how they honestly try to avoid using them wherever possible guv, honest. I left the last sentence out though, so here it is, “[e]xpenditure in 2006-07 was 188,000”. If you’re wondering, that’s approximately 500 quid a day on cabs, how very prudent.

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