Anorak News | Angelina Jolie And Jessica Simpson Bone Up On Beckham

Angelina Jolie And Jessica Simpson Bone Up On Beckham

by | 29th, June 2007

jessica-simpson-doll.jpgANGELINA Jolie is 98lbs. (Pic Jessica Simpson doll: 14)

The Enquirer leads with a picture of Angelina Jolie looking less than plump. Why has she lost weight, as it seems she has? (Be careful what you say about no-fly-zone Jolie.)

Is this the Victoria Beckham factor? Vicky has barely touched down in Los Angeles and already the signs suggest to some that she is a fashion leader.

Before Vicky landed in the city of Angels, American womanhood was uniformly gargantuan. Only in the Serengeti would you see so much flesh on the hoof.

Now, we have this shot of Jolie and news that Jessica Simpson has shed 20 lbs in just two months. New York nutritionists Marc Siegel squints an eye at the picture of Simpson dressed in jeans and T-shirt and estimates her post-Posh weight at 120lbs (8st 8lbs).

Still some way to go before Simpson can match La Jolie’s Vicky’s welcome weight. But the word of warning is that Jolie’s sharpened features might be affecting her and Brad Pitt’s love life.

Does the sound of grinding bones send out musical notes to the local Ati tribes who come to dance and marvel? Does Brad use Angelina’s shoulders to pick bits of alfalfa sprouts from his teeth? Does Brad see Angelina and crave Posh?

Is this the very thin edge of a very fat wedge? Will all of America soon kowtow to Posh’s way? And where does all the fat go?

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