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The iPhone: Virtual Texting And Unlocking

by | 30th, June 2007

YOU love texting. And you want an iPhone:

Moreover, without tactile feedback, it almost certainly wouldn’t ever become possible to type without looking, which I do all the time on my current phone. If you’re accustomed to sending short text messages and writing brief e-mails from your phone while not doing anything else that you need to look at, this is not a big problem. If you’re accustomed to composing and publishing a dozen 256-character blog posts on your phone during the course of a football game you’re attending, it’s a somewhat more serious concern.

And if you’ve acquired one and want to unlock it:

There are rumours that in India some grey market dealers claim to be able to unlock an iPhone for about $25. That does leave you with the problem of precisely how to get your iPhone to and from India, of course.

The iPhone – something for people for whom life without a monitor is no life at all…

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