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Big Brother’s Emily Parr Is The Victim

by | 1st, July 2007

DISGRACED Big Brother housemate Emily Parr invites Anorak readers to “Check me out! Get to know the real me…”

Emily Parr signs off her missive: “Love Emily x”. That “Love Emily” might be an order, less than a request. And given Emily’s love of black chat, the X might be her slave name. Emily X displays the absence of an inherited African name to take its place.

To make her point, Emily writes in six times. Emily is determined that we get to know the “real her”; for all we know the real Emily might be an easy-going lovable type, and not a pushy eager-to-be seen wannabe.

“I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE!,” says the title to Emily’s letter to the masses.

It quickly transpires that this is unlikely to be Big Brother’s Emily Parr at all. This is in all likelihood someone who wants to put the jackboot in on Emily Parr and do her no little damage.

Says this would-be Emily Parr: “I should point out that I am completely racist but so what? I’m Emily Parr so I do whatever I want. Besides black people aren’t as good as white people. I hate it when black people are confident. They want to be taken down a peg or two. They’re just jealous because I’m so beautiful.”

Anorak is no friend to Miss Parr but suggests that she finds out who is passing themselves of as her with malicious intent and invites them to “stick it out” for a good kicking.

And tell the police…

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