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Terrorism In The UK: Doctors Of Death And A Glasgow Elbow

by | 2nd, July 2007

glasgow-bomber.jpgTHE loss of life and limb would have been terrible. Luckily, the gang of terrorists unleashing a wave of death and pain on the UK were undone by parking regulations and setting themselves on fire before blowing everyone up.

And now – shock of shocks – we learn that the leaders of this mentally negligible band of wannabe mass murderers are two doctors.

The Sun hails them as the “DOCTORS OF DEATH”. “CAR BOMBER IS BRITISH DOCTORS,” says the Express’s front page. “TERROR COPS SEIZE DOCTOR AND WIFE!” trills the Mirror. “BOMBS: TWO DOCTORS HELD,” says the Mail.

The scandal would be more acute if they were not medical people. Some of our most prolific and notorious killers have had access to the official drugs cabinet. As Dr Harold Shipman, Nurse Beverly Allitt and Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen show, the step-father of modern medicine is not Hippocrates but Dr. Josef Mengele.

How the arrested medics must be cursing their lack of foresight – if only they’d have just become village GPs they could have killed at will for years. But they had to grandstand. And that was their undoing. “How can a doctor want to take our lives?” asks the Express. Know your medical history, we answer.

They Are Few

So Iranian neurologist Dr Mohammed Asha, 26, is helping the police with their enquiries, having been arrested as he and his “burka-clad” wife were motoring up the M6 in Cheshire with their two year old son (profession unspecified).

stupid_terrorists.jpgThe Sun says police believe the men who tried to set fire to Glasgow airport were also responsible for leaving those car bombs in London.

These are the Mirror’s al-Qaeda bombers. That shadowy organisation was behind it all. The group portrayed as a well-run machine with a regimented command structure. The group we now see as dangerous, murderous but desperate and in the face so many of us, weak and hapless.

Just how useless they are can be learned about in the Mirror where “hero” Steven Clarkson says he “floored [the] smouldering Jeep bomber with [an] elbow to the head”. Yes, an elbow. We are loathe to resort to racial stereotyping, but surely the approved method for a Glaswegian to bring down a barbecuing Asian man screaming “Allah, Allah” is with a “kiss” to the bridge of the nose.

This is the “BUNGLED TERROR OF AMATEURS,” says the Mirror’s terrorism expert.

Why? Why Not?

If you want to know the right way to do it ask Hassan Butt. Billed in the Mail has a “former member of radical Islamicist group”, Butt is carving out a niche for himself as a nodding head and expert in the thinking of Muslim men who don’t get enough sex.

He says the real driver behind the violence is “Islamic theology”. It has nothing to do with British foreign policy. So why does Tony Parsons of the Mirror write that there were terrorists before Iraq “but it is Iraq that has torn apart the fabric of our multi-cultural society, it is Iraq that hangs like a toxic cloud over this nation, it is Iraq that poisons everything”?

Yes, a toxic cloud. Any minute Parson is going to ally the war in Iraq with global warming. Of course, he is wrong. This deadly Islamicism is exported from the Middle East and Pakistan. It does not poison everything. Indeed, most of us don’t give Iraq a second thought as we get on with our lives.

And that includes immigrants and naturalised Britons of all creeds and colours too busy earning money and chasing a better life to worry about Iraq…

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