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Princess Diana Is Our Rock

by | 2nd, July 2007

prince-william.jpgALL that was missing from the Princess Diana Concert was an appearance from the eponymous star of the show.

Diana preferred to watch the celebration of her life and death on the telly at her retreat on the sixth floor of Harvey Nichols, a far better view than that afforded by the cheap seats to the rear of Wembley stadium. And blessedly equipped with a mute button to deal with the over-exposed Ricky Gervais, who brilliantly proved that observational comedy and funeral rock are uneasy bedfellows.

But the Express has eyes only for the Royal Box. Amid a sea of uniformly white faces, sit Prince William and Harry, known in impresario circles and at the BBC as The Two Princes.

To Harry’s right hand is Chelsy Davy, to his left is his brother. William is not with a significant other.

But there one row back and slightly off centre is Kate Middleton. “Wills and Kate so in love at tribute concert,” says the Express. If madly in love means sitting ten seats apart then this is very much the real thing. “THRONE APART,” says the Mirror.

Of course all eyes are on William and who cannot forgive he and his lover trying to dampen the fires of marriage speculation by playing it cool. The Express zooms in on William. William gestures at Kate. And 63,000 people execute a Mexican wave. As we say, all eyes are on William.

This is William in “BOOGIE ONE-DERLAND” (Sun). “I WANT YOU BACK,” says the Sun. “Kate sings Take That lyric after 12:30am Wills tryst.”

The Sun watches various cars and lackeys come and go and hears a “witness” say: “It was clear Kate and Williams had put together a plan to that the meeting could be kept a secret.”

Or not…

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