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Big Brother Free Bet: Chanelle Unwell, Charley Sick, Carole Mugged

by | 2nd, July 2007

pig.jpgBIG Brother’s Chanelle is feeling unwell.

For the second time she has been whisked from the Big Brother house for treatment. Chanelle has pains in her stomach. Chanelle, as is recorded here and elsewhere, fashions herself on Victoria Beckham. (Chanelle is 100-30 to be the top female and 11-10 for a top four finish with Anorak’s free £10 bet.)

Are the pains the result of over-eating and having a turbo-charged metabolism? The Big Brother doctors must decide. Maybe Chanelle should eat more?

For a clue to what might have pushed Chanelle over the edge, we see Charley (59-1 to win) celebrating her, er, 21st/22nd/45th birthday by filling a bucket with a memento of her birthday tea.

Laura passed out on the bathroom floor. No-one noticed. But at least it gives Laura a renewed purpose. Uses for Laura have been hard to come by. Although it worked for Glyn last year, being Welsh is not always enough. Laura (47-1 to come first) is now the only draught excluder in the village.

Plans to have Laura’s Wangers recalibrated to dispense curry sauce and ketchup are rumoured to be in the more advanced stages. There may well be more than one use for Laura. Ideas to the usual address.

Having been located – Big Brother told the housemates where she was – Laura was given a badge. Not one that said “Kick me” but one bearing the legend “sloth”.

Big Brother had provided Carole (37-1 for ultimate victory) with definitions of the seven deadly sins and told her to match the housemate with the sin.

She awarded the sloth gong to Laura. “What’s sloth anyway?” asked Laura. If she can be bothered, she can find out. But it’s unlikely she will.

This was of course Big Brother playing with Carole. Labelling Laura slothful, Tracy greedy, Amanda beset by pride, Nicky cursed by envy, Liam full of lust, Ziggy glutinous and Charley guilty of wrath, Big Brother has guaranteed that Carole will be up for eviction next week. The badge pinned to Carole’s top says “Mug”

Carole has already been up twice for eviction. And the thinking is that with one vote used up on her the housemates may not turn on Charley. The horror show may yet again escape.

Meanwhile Charley is reeling about the place dressed in a basque and invisible knickers.

She is tossing her guts into a bucket. Well, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go – unless Carole beats her to it…

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