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British Islamicists Have Lost

by | 2nd, July 2007

IF the Muslim Council of Great Britian represented me, I’d be very worried indeed:

The measured response is an acknowledgement that few Muslims now excuse the killing brigades. The apologist Muslim Council of Britain, whose leader was knighted by Mr Blair, is a spent force. It tried to incite rage and riot over Salman Rushdie’s knighthood and failed. Muslims realise what a disaster that confrontation was for both sides. Now, the MCB grovels and seeks rehabilitation. Ex-militant Ed Hussain and Hassan Butt have written denunciations of fellow jihadis. The hardline Hizb-ut Tahrir asks Muslims not to “fuel dangerous political agendas”. These organisations have been humbled and discredited…

am not naive. Islamicists are cunning and well-connected. Their backers pretend to believe in liberal democracy while plotting its demise. But there are now passionate Muslim democrats standing up to be counted.

Imran Ahmad, young trustee of British Muslims for Secular Democracy, writes in Unimagined, his evocative memoir: “I have had great opportunities and choices. There still is racism in the indigenous society, it’s undeniable … but [compare] Britain to all those so-called Islamic countries, where tribalism is endemic and anything is used as an excuse for discrimination, hatred and mistreatment: village, clan, family, sect, province, class, money, gender, occupation, even shade of skin. At least Britain is committed to implement the highest ideals – personal freedom, social equality, human rights and justice.”

Perhaps now those willfully deluded Muslims that say 9-11 was a Israeli plot enacted with mirrors can finally be told to belt up. And others can think on Muslims killing other Muslims and how that can stop…

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