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Gordon Brown “Has Shone”

by | 2nd, July 2007

SO Tony Blair wouldn’t have said we must not kowtow, must not give in, must stand strong? Gordon Brown says what he’s expected to say:

Gordon Brown’s opponents have long claimed that as soon as he is hit by “events”, he will be left floundering. As a long-term strategist, Brown has had little practice at reacting quickly. Well, the terrorist attempts in London and Glasgow gave him an instant test. With his beefed-up security team, now including a retired admiral and the former head of the Met, Brown easily passed – no amateur dramatics, no histrionics, nothing silly. He may be a days-old prime minister, but he didn’t sound like one. With his sober assessment of the danger and warnings of the inconvenience we will have to face, he made it clear that knee-jerk responses to atrocities will be a thing of the past.

This is Gordon Brown who did the accounts for Tony’s wars…

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