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Forget Arsenal’s Thierry Henry And Remember William Gallas

by | 2nd, July 2007

WILLIAM Gallas plays for Arsenal. At last he does when he’s not injured – which last season was often.

For those Arsenal fans who recall little about Gallas other than his wearing a suit and holding his injured leg in “obvious pain”, the French ace has gone to the trouble of creating an online poll on his official website.

Speaking in the third person, the preferred mode of all top-flight players, Gallas asks: What do you remember about the season of William Gallas?

And Gallas furnishes the puzzler with a set of options, one of which should be selected:

  • His uncontested leadership in the defense of Gunners
  • His absence because of a pulled thigh
  • His successful int├ęgration within the team of Arsenal
  • His 3 magnificent registered goals
  • His season without trophy

There is another option of downloading William Gallas wallpaper. Or a wall treament, as it must be known…

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