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UK Bomb Suspect Dr Mohammed Asha: First Picture

by | 2nd, July 2007

asha.jpgDR Mohammed Asha, a Jordanian, is being questioned.

A doctor qualified in Jordan and working here, Mohammad Asha, has been named as one of those arrested in connection with the series of failed car bomb attacks in recent days. What do we know about him?

Not much. He graduated in 2004, so would still be on the lowest rungs of medical training, as a junior hospital doctor. His specialist interest is reported to be neurology.

His dad Abdul Qader Asha says Mohammed “has not undertaken any kind of activity of this nature and his aim was to “return from Britain after getting the certificate which he went to specialise in.” And: “He was a devout Muslim but not strict. He prayed like any Muslim but was not a fanatic.”

Another medic, an Iraqi-trained doctor has been named as Bilal Abdulla, who worked at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in the Scottish town of Paisley.

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