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Big Brother Jonathan Durden Walks

by | 3rd, July 2007

jonathan-durden.jpgNO great shock to learn that Jonathan Durden has left Big Brother.

He now joins Lesley Brain on her sponsored walk to raise money for fallen Big Brother stars.

If there is shock to be found it is in Jonathan’s reason for leaving: his grandmother has died.

We do not wish to dwell on such matters but Jonathan is 49 years of age, a time when having living grandparents is more of a surprise then finding one of them toes up in the domino pile.

But Jonathan was never comfortable in the house. There is only limited pleasure to be had from watching Nikki bend over and dreaming of balmy days in your Portugal villa with Samanda, the Midwich Cuckoo, for company.

Jonathan is not an unlikeable character. Worrying eyebrows, of course. But his name alone, an abbreviated Jonathan with no ‘h’ in a sea of Billlllis, Nikkkkkis and Charleys marked him out as the embodiment of simpler times.

It’s just that having said he wanted to go a week or more back, and then changing his mind, and then, as the Sun says, sparking rumours of leaving to marry, he now suffers the loss of a dead grandma.

If I were Big Brother I’d want some sign of her passing, or a note from Jonathan’s mum.

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