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The Left, Livingstone And Islamism

by | 3rd, July 2007

DIZZY writes:

This morning’s Times carries a superb leader on the situation of the Left and Islamism. Essentially it is a broadside at the likes of Livingstone, the London Mayor, who refuses to acknowledge the contradiction between his supposedly Left-wing beliefs and his support for people who are the antithesis of what he sees as core issues of tolerance. It argues the discovery that the failed bombers were doctors destroys the assertion

that Islamist extremism is the result of poverty, deprivation, injustice or the Wests pursuit of policies in Iraq, the Palestinian territories and the wider Muslim world that are somehow inimical to Islam. This is patently not so.

It then, quite rightly, takes Livingstone’s recent comments over the weekend to task saying

What is clear, however, is that this perversion of Islam cannot be written off simply as Wahhabi fanaticism or a Muslim equivalent of liberation theology… Older, wiser Muslims understand this dangerous dynamic, but have been too cowed or cowardly to stand up to zealots posing as would-be martyrs. It is perverse of left-wing politicians such as Ken Livingstone to equate the Islamists with social justice and national liberation: they believe in neither. To excuse or even tolerate the intolerant is a denial of all the values that the Left purports to embrace. If Muslims are to denounce the roots of fanaticism, so too must those who would embrace them as neighbours and fellow citizens.

Those self-righteous, Left wing get togethers where you can buy the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion and go on anti-war demos ignorant of what you are fighting. It’s not all about oil…

The full leader can be read here.

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