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Courtney Love’s Macro Attack

by | 3rd, July 2007

courtney-love.jpgTHE COURTNEY Love has something to say. The woman who once gave full throat to “Give us brilliant boys that we wanna fuck man/ Full of ecstasy, hard drugs and bad luck/ Yeah yeah yeah”. Best send grandma from the room.

Says Love: “I’ve lost 3st in 12 weeks.”

This is Love’s “extreme diet” and you may well suppose it features extreme things like ecstasy, hard drugs and bad fucking luck.

But here’s Love in a gold micro-mini showing us and Grazia readers her “very long skinny legs”.

“Courtney looks more like a supermodel than the bad girl of rock,” says Grazia. It’s right, of course. Love looks nothing like a rock chick. She looks like she’s modelling Cadbury’s flakes.

Not that Love does chocolate. That would be outrageous. She has lost 3st 9lbs, trimming down to 9st 11lbs. She once weighed over 13 stone. Well over. “I binged on macrobiotic food,” says she.

No, we don’t know what she means either. The suspicion is that drugs in American are named after food (see cheese) because food is so bad for you. Call a high-inducing concoction of crystal meth, Linctus and aspirin Glo and everyone wants it; call it Protein and it will be rationed, frowned upon and finally shunned.

Six And Four Is Ten

Meanwhile Love is talking. “I thought size 12 was fine,” says she, “but then I noticed that the Best Dressed lists would always be size sixes or fours.”

You wonder where Love has been for the past years, and if rock and roll and all that eating altered her perceptions of what sells clothes. Fat does not sell clothes, especially not to the fat.

Love needed to diet. And while at a charity event with Sting and his wife Trudie, she had an epiphany. “Sting said, ‘Why don’t you do a body transformation?’ I was about to start working on a new album and was feeling experimental.”

Love did not transform her body into Jerry Seinfeld and start speaking as if reading one of his scripts; rather she put a lock on the fridge and made her housekeeper take the key home each night.

For a woman with “her addictions” a lock on the fridge seems too simple. Surely she has suppliers who can lay hands on all manner of macrobiotics at any time of night.

But Love had learned her lesson and would not be getting mixed up with the wrong crowd. She had dinner with Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore. And now she sticks to two meal-replacement shakes a day for breakfast and lunch, followed by steamed fish and vegetables for dinner.”

She has also taken diuretics, which may have something to do with Scientology. And has had lipo.

And is now transformed…

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