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Big Brother Charley Uchea Plunges 50ft

by | 4th, July 2007

charley.jpgBIG Brother news: “Charley in 50ft plunge horror.”

Say it ain’t so. Can it be that Charley fell off her shoes? And did her hair act as a parachute? Did she whistle on the way down as the air rushed past and through her?

The Sport leads with news that “Big Brother hate figure” Charley Uchea fell from a hotel balcony when a child. (Charley is still a porcine 47-1 to win the show with Anorak’s free £10 bet.)

This may explain much, or not.

On holiday in Italy, the four-year-old Charley fell four stories onto a wooden floor. Says mum Theresa Owen: “When the ambulance came her eyes rolled in the back of her head (we’ve seen that look from other housemates whenever Charley talks) and she had no pulse for a few seconds. We thought she was dead.”

She died? And then she retuned as a harridan, a screaming banshee hellbent of splitting ears and hairs?

No. She survived. And went on to be… Yes, that’s right. As is the way with all Big Brother mouths, Charley was the victim of bullies.

Just like Danielle Lloyd, that other wannbe Wag, Charley was teased at school. She was “racially abused” and told she was “too thin”. Lloyd drew criticism for her colour (tangerine) and being, by her admittance, too pretty.

The difference is, of course, that Charley’s body is as nature intended. But if she is to chuck herself down stairs again, we suggest she go equipped with Lloyd-type airbags…

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