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Big Brother’s Den Of Vice

by | 4th, July 2007

laura.jpg“SECRET vice den in the Big Brother house,” yells the Star’s front page.

So few of you have been watching the show that we can exclusively reveal that Big Brother also features an opium farm, a Taliban training facility and Lord Lucan selling timeshares on the Big Brother beach resort.

But it’s the “VICE DEN” that interests the Star. It’s underground. It’s styled on a “seedy” Soho nightclub. There is a rumour that producers may send in “near-naked pole dancers”.

Of course, Charley is already there. Or haven’t the producers noticed?

If they really wanted to get us to tune in, the producers would stick a big TV screen to the wall and broadcast catch-up episodes of Coronation Street and The 1,000 Best Moments In Open University.

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