Anorak News | Gordon Brown Offers Union Support To Terrorised And Flagging Britain

Gordon Brown Offers Union Support To Terrorised And Flagging Britain

by | 4th, July 2007

gordon-brown.jpg“FLY IN The FACE OF TERROR,” orders the Sun’s front page. The words hover over the Union Flag. Put it up in your car window. (Pic: The Spine)

And here is Gordon Brown to say that the Union Flag should be flown proudly from every public building.

The Sun imagines how wonderful it would look were the flag to flutter atop Nelson’s Column and Blackpool Tower, placed in the window of Coronation Street’s Rover’s Return pub and raised at Stonehenge.

We will carry on regardless. We will not change our way of life. We will cover everything in red, white and blue because that is what decent people do.

The Sun says Broon “is convinced the patriotic gesture will help create a new sense of Britishness – and send out a never-say-die signal to extremists.”

On seeing the flag all of you prepared to give up, ready to slip on a burka, sport a wiry beard and fill your car with petrol and rusty nails (well, there’s no football on the telly) will stop. You will see the flag and be refilled with a sense of purpose and patriotism.

union-jack.jpgIn a document entitled The Governance of Britain, Gordon Brown, says: “The Union Flag is one of the most recognisable symbols of the UK. In other countries it is regarded as a source of pride.”

Indeed, in the Palestinian territories, masked gunman, unmasked gunmen and gunmen in balaclavas routinely fly their flag. In North Korea, the flag is a composite mix of thousands of uniformly dressed children, men and women waving in time to tinny pop. And in Italy the flag is exported as a dish of avocado, mozzarella and sundried tomato.

“The Government will consult to bring in new measures to change the restrictions on flying the Union Flag,” says Brown of Britain.

As the Sun notes, current rules mean the flag can be flown from government buildings for only 18 days of the year. It must change before it is too late and we are doomed.

And to support the cause, the Sun is giving each reader a “FREE FLAG”. All you need do to claim your “FREE FLAG” is send self-addressed envelope featuring a 70p stamp and a cheque for £1.85 to Sun “FREE FLAG OFFER”.

We will not surrender. Capitalism will defeat the extremists. It’s a bargain at £2.55 all in. Wave it with pride.

And if you see a lunatic on fire, you can wrap him in it and quench his flames…

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