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Bottoms Up For Paris Hilton’s Rubbish

by | 4th, July 2007

paris-hilton.jpgDO you buy any of this Paris Hilton rubbish?

No, not the stories of her saving mankind in her jail-styled, eco-friendly iPad, finding God in of all things a book and being the embodiment of the message that money is not the key to happinesss, although if you have enough money you can always have a key made.

We talk of the rubbish, the things that fill the Paris Hilton bin. As the Sun reports over two pages, items taken from Paris’s bucket have been sold on eBay.

Paris Hilton, a woman who wrote the top-shelf magazine on celebrity, threw away a DVD of her own film Bottoms Up, medical prescriptions, old hair extensions and items deemed “too personal for auction”.

Things already snapped up include: toothbrush (£150), two empty envelopes addressed to her jail (£255), a Coke can (£30), an autographed postcard (£30) and fan mail (£20).

The script US TV presenter Mika Brzezinski tore up because her producer had put Paris at the top of the bulletin has yet to reach the market. Or be signed…

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