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Use Your Noodle For Cheap Mobile Calls On Holiday

by | 4th, July 2007

The new EU Roaming Legislation won’t save you money yet.

Millions continue to pay the price of foreign calls. But Anorak – the consumer champions (it’s true) – know how to get cheap calls. Use your Noodle.

Millions of holidaymakers will continue to be stung by inflated international roaming charges despite the intervention of the EU, according to Noodle, the UK’s newest mobile phone company.

With the introduction of the EU’s roaming legislation coming into force on 30th June, the majority of the UK’s mobile phone users won’t feel the effects of the proposed call-capping until September at the earliest – too late for the 13 million holidaymakers travelling to Europe on holiday in July and August .

In addition, the new legislation won’t have any effect on the inflated call costs applied for receiving phone calls outside the EU. With over 600,000 Brits travelling to the States in July and August alone, to receive a five minute phone call from a friend in the UK whilst on holiday in America could cost the recipient more than £5.00 .

The cost across the range of major networks for receiving a one minute phone call in the US:


Calls received from the UK to The USA


120p/min on all contracts less than £35/month


99p/min on Anytime 0-800


70p/min on all monthly contracts


80p/min on all monthly contracts


55p/min on all monthly contracts

Call costs taken from contracts as displayed on network’s websites

Noodle, the UK’s newest new mobile phone service provider, is offering holidaymakers a clever way to beat inflated foreign roaming charges this summer – cheap or free incoming calls – users even earn cash back on calls they receive:

How Noodle can help beat the charges:

1. Before you leave get yourself a Noodle number by text messaging ‘Noodle’ to 81025 – Noodle will respond instantly by messaging you with a new phone number
2. Give your new Noodle phone number to your friends, family and colleagues in the UK
3. When you arrive at your destination buy yourself a local SIM card (RRP £5)
4. Call Noodle customer services and tell them the phone number of your new local SIM
5. Insert the new local SIM and wait to hear from your friends
6. Earn upto 2p per minute for every call you receive

For your friends and family in the UK it’s the cost of a national call and for you there’s a nominal charge. Check out the rates on the Noodle website for more information

Sean Murray, President and Founder of Noodle Telecoms, said:

“With longer working hours and everyday pressures, more and more will be forced to make and receive calls abroad. Whilst this new legislation is a step in the right direction, we feel many consumers are still getting a raw deal. Noodle is introducing new technology to the telecoms market which is going to make history of high charges for receiving calls abroad. The only charge attached to our service is the real cost of transmitting the call.”

When your friends or family call the Noodle number, the Noodle network is able to transmit the call direct to the local SIM that you have bought. Noodle makes its money from receiving and transmitting calls from other telephone networks. Their new technology then sends call to your new SIM for very little or no cost at all.

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