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Jobless Physiotherapists Trained At Cost Of £2million

by | 4th, July 2007

happy-smile.jpgYOU’LL see gangs of them hanging around street corners during the daytime, massaging each other’s backs and stretching their muscles – the nation’s student physiotherapists, trained by the NHS at a cost of £2million, struggle to find work.

According to the Mirror, seven out of ten physios who graduated last year in the UK are still looking for work with many now pondering a move abroad.

In Northumbria University, Newcastle, the 75 newly-fledged physios were trained at a cost of £29,000 each, but not one has managed to secure a full-time position in the field.

Says unhappy graduate Linda Finn: “I applied for one job recently and there were more than 350 applicants. It is a terrible situation. I’ve done 1,000 hours of placement during my course. Local NHS services and many physiotherapy departments I worked with were short staffed. There is clearly a need for us but the NHS is not investing in physiotherapy.”

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists claim that there are no jobs for nine out of 10 graduates. Chief executive, Phil Gray, says: “To have a trained workforce sitting idle to save NHS money when they ought to be at the heart of the health service helping patients is totally unacceptable.”

It could be worse. They could be trying to kill us…

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