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Taxman Wants Access To Accounts

by | 5th, July 2007

ONE often wonders what the infamous ‘Taxman’ actually looks like – a mixture of the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and John Major, perhaps? Anyway, whatever he looks like, he is now pushing to have direct access to the bank accounts of both individuals and companies, without having to obtain a court order.

According to the Guardian, HM Revenue and Customs wants to be able to plunder bank accounts to recover unpaid taxes without having to go through the often time-consuming process of asking a magistrate or county court to first give them the all-clear.

The British Bankers’ Association is concerned with the plans. A spokesman tells us: “Banks will need assurance that HMRC has gone through due diligence processes, that they’ve got the right person, and assessed potential hardship. Our main concern is, if you remove the courts who is going to be the independent arbiter?”

Mike Warburton of accountants Grant Thornton is equally worried. Says he: “This shifts the balance of power away from the taxpayer and in favour of the Government”

The HM Revenue and Customs’ proposals are open to public consultation until September 17. So, go and get publicly consulted, before it’s too late.

Of course if the Government’s plans really work we’ll all be working for the state and tax and pay will fit into a neat cycle…

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