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EU Wants To Check Our Loyalty Cards

by | 5th, July 2007

DIZZY looks at EU sharing of private company data on citizens:

Back in February I posted about how the Government appeared to be caving into demands from the EU and Europol on the sharing of private company data from things like loyalty cards. At the time, the former Home Office minister Joan Ryan said, “the processing of personal data whose relevance have not yet been assessed is strictly limited to the purpose of assessing its relevance”.

Yes yes, it’s a circular argument that makes no sense I know. However, I bring the subject up again because yesterday in Parliament, the new Home Office minister, Meg Hillier, effectively conceded that the Government would be allowing Europol to datamine such information. She said, again, that any data that mined must be “relevant” for the task.

In other words, we will only allow data sharing of relevant data, but in order to assess what is relevant we must share it all first and then we can find out if it is relevant and share it. Good init?

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