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Madeleine McCann Runs With The Ball

by | 5th, July 2007

madeleine-rugby.jpgENGLAND’S rugby union squad is training in the Algarve. And they are wearing T-shirts with a picture of Madeleine McCann on the front. And the official Madeleine wristbands, this year’s Make Poverty History item.

“I really hope that today helps further to raise awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance,” says Jonny Wilkinson.

“My thoughts and those of the squad are with the family.”

Brian Ashton, England’s coach, meets with Gerry and Kate McCann. He says he is “humbled” to meet them. He is made to feel lowly. Rugby fans may wonder how Ashton finds reason to feel anything but humble, given his team’s results and performances.

“This generous gesture from the England squad, we hope, will remind sports fans that Madeleine is missing,” says Kate McCann.

Any moment now one of the players Madeline’s disappearance adds a sense of perspective to their imminent failure to retain the World Cup.

And we will say how sport, at its best, is about glory and lifting the human spirit. How sport enables us to escape the worst of mankind and life. How sport can break down boundaries and build bridges.

And, sadly, how sport is useless at finding a missing girl…

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